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fabulous/not-so-fabulous……the second winner!

And the winner is………Michelle and Ben!!! After some intense last minute voting between Michelle and Ben and Casey and Dan……Michelle and Ben pulled ahead by just two votes! Congratulations! And, of course, no one goes ahead empty handed, so everyone who entered gets an 8×10 print, please email me your selection by April 23rd. So...

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    and the winner is…..

    Time to announce the winner of the fabulous/not-so-fabulous contest! I loved reading all of your stories. I used a random number picker to pick the winner….first I entered all the names in order of entry… then I clicked Pre-Randomize… then I clicked Pick Random line…. drumroll please……….. And the winner is Krista and Mike! Congratulations!...

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    • Krista

      I’ve been home sick all week, finally got my laptop from work to ‘reconnect’ and this made my day. My husband continues to be a good luck charm. Seriously, until we were together, I never won anything. Thanks Nancy…you continue to be a ‘fabulous’ on our list.ReplyCancel

    fabulous/not-so-fabulous….renee and justin || londonderry, nh

    Last entry is from Renee & Justin who had a perfectly executed day in their very own backyard with a little help from Alexis. “Not so fab: you know it’s funny I am sure there were some things that weren’t fabulous. But they have faded away in the past year and a half. I guess...

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    • Renee

      Thanks Nancy!ReplyCancel

    • Jessica
    • Absolutely gorgeous!ReplyCancel

    • Erin

      Now I want cake. Lovely!ReplyCancel

    • Renee, you’re wedding looks like was beyond incredible. And I want your house. 🙂ReplyCancel

    • Patty

      Aww, put a smile on my face.ReplyCancel

    • Justin

      this was the best wedding ever..i was there! (as the groom)ReplyCancel

    • Dan Cronin


    • xp

      Here’s my vote!ReplyCancel

    • Christie

      gorgeous wedding! love the cakes!ReplyCancel

    • Melissa

      Gorgeous wedding and gorgeous bride!ReplyCancel

    • Mary

      Love everything! Here’s my vote!ReplyCancel

    • Jen

      Such a beautiful wedding, Renee! I love the story about you and your dad.ReplyCancel

    • Anne

      Beautiful wedding!ReplyCancel

    • Brittaney and Mike

      Such an amazing beautiful day for two of the best people I have ever met! Love you guys!! xoxo (You think their wedding was gorgeous?? You should see their baby!)ReplyCancel

    • Judy Courtney

      i voted. Luv me some renee and Justin!!!ReplyCancel

    fabulous/not-so-fabulous….ali and sean || willowdale estate

    Next up is an entry from Ali, whose wedding will be featured in the next issue of the knot! “I was so proud and happy with the ceremony Sean and I created – it was original and it was “us”.  We were able to incorporate all my high school friends (aka “Flower Goddesses”) and all our friends and family during our ring passing...

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    • Sean Bridgeo

      I think my wonderful wife put it perfectly… The day went off with out issue, and every one did a fabulous job! the only thing I would change is the fact one of my groomsmen may have spilled a beer on Nancy… I’m still sorry…ReplyCancel

    • Maureen O'Neill

      Ali and Sean planned such a unique and beautiful ceremony that showcased their personalities and their wonderful relationship. I will always remember their wedding day fondly, from getting ready with Ali in the elegant estate to walking down the aisle as one of the “flower goddesses” to watching Ali and Sean share their fabulous first dance. They’re a fantastic couple who had a very special wedding, captured perfectly by Nancy!ReplyCancel

    • Chris Marcogliese

      I had a great time. I ate some great food, drank some booze, and I got to dance with Mrs B. It was great to see two people so happy. That was a great day.ReplyCancel

    • Tessa McKinley

      Ali and Sean’s wedding was absolutely beautiful, and Nancy’s photography really did it justice. Everything did go perfectly, although I nearly messed it up by being so late! But I just made it- and from the ceremony through the reception it was clear that not only was it a special night, but everyone had an absolute blast!ReplyCancel

    • Courtney McGowan

      Everything about Ali and Sean’s wedding was fabulous, and each time I look at the amazing photographs Nancy took, I’m transported back to that wonderful day! Willowdale has so much natural beauty, and Ali and Sean’s beautiful wedding decor perfectly emphasized this. But, most importantly, everybody at the wedding had an amazing time celebrating the very happy couple!ReplyCancel

    • Jill D'Orsi

      The pictures look beautiful! I love the angle on the forest photo, it makes the light shine nicely on the two of you.ReplyCancel

    • Melissa Quach

      These pictures are absolutely gorgeous. Kudos to the lovely couple & I raise my glass to the photographer, excellent job!

      Ali, I love the DIY!!!!!!!!!!!! Those shoes are A+++++ReplyCancel

    • Kristin McCue

      What I loved most about Ali and Sean’s wedding was the fact that it felt so completely true to who they are as individuals and as a couple. I’m so glad they decided to go for it instead of feeling pressured to conform to any traditions. The day and night were truly joyful because we got to celebrate Ali and Sean as a couple.ReplyCancel

    • Joanne Muther-Jones

      The wedding shots were unique and beautiful; a perfect way to commemorate such a special day. Nancy was extremely creative and fit right in to the festivities; her results were so prefessional and expressive, I would highly recommend her.ReplyCancel

    • Suzy Galvin

      Ali and Sean created a unique, personalized day that was captured perfectly by Nancy’s photography. I loved seeing my sister filled with so much happiness!ReplyCancel

    • Paul Galvin

      Ali and Sean’s wedding was fantastic.ReplyCancel

    • Erin Mann

      Nancy has a way of capturing such great moments– I love the look between Maureen & Ali. These shots are gorgeous. Congrats once again to Ali & Sean on a perfect day and the start of your lives together.ReplyCancel

    • Ryan McNeil

      A great recap of a wonderful day! Congrats again, Ali and Sean.ReplyCancel

    • Nicole

      Beautiful pictures of a beautiful couple… the wedding was just perfect for Ali and Sean, and we all had a wonderful time celebrating with them.ReplyCancel

    • Kelley Sullivan

      Ali and Sean’s wedding was a perfect expression of who they are as individuals and as a couple. If Ali had a few pre-ceremony jitters, it didn’t stop her from being completely herself that night. She even offered a few of us who arrived late and were standing a little apart from the other guests a smile and wave as she walked down the aisle with her Dad. There was so much joy and love being shared that evening. Congratulations again to Ali and Sean!ReplyCancel

    • Rod Jones
    • Kerstin

      Absolutely beautiful – congratulations Ali and Sean! All your DIY projects Tessa told me about seem to have paid off and Nancy’s photographs look absolutely gorgeous.ReplyCancel

    fabulous/not-so-fabulous…..lauren and peter || veronique ballroom

    Next up is Lauren’s entry – a girl after my own heart, as I also kept my dress on till about 2am on my wedding day!!! “I have to say, there are very few things I would have done differently when it comes to my wedding.  It was the best day of my life, and...

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      fabulous/not-so-fabulous….. krista and mike || warren conference center

      Next up is a message from Krista….she said this time last year she was looking through the entries of my last contest and found them helpful! She has lots of “fab” things, but also talks about guest list & budget, which can be the not-so-fun party of wedding planning. Fabulous: • THE most fabulous thing...

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        fabulous/not-so-fabulous….erica and james || wychemere harbor

        Next entry is from Erica, who just couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t fabulous! Fantastic! “1)Sweetheart Table and Extended Cocktail Hour James and I had been told by so many people that we wouldn’t really get to enjoy our wedding let alone eat anything at the event. You will be too busy we were told,...

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        • Lou Eyster

          sweet pics!ReplyCancel

        • Danny

          I never knew James could move like that…ReplyCancel

        • Chelsea Castor

          It was a truly beautiful and picture perfect day!!ReplyCancel

        • Of course there was no ‘non fabulous’ at the Carney wedding! Only awesome memories of that day- which thankfully were captured beautifully by youReplyCancel

        • Jenny Carney

          Erica sure appreciated the time to sneak in some apps 🙂 Great pics!ReplyCancel

        • Maura

          Wow, that cake looks amazing!ReplyCancel

        • Meghan Connolly

          You mean there’s no more cake???!!ReplyCancel

        • Patrick

          Those pictures came out beautifully. It was nice that the weather cooperated with you that day.ReplyCancel

        • Siobhan Graham

          Beautiful day, loved the moves!ReplyCancel

        • Kristen Antonellis

          What a great wedding! I agree, i loved the extended cocktail hour!!ReplyCancel

        • Kelly Jurgens

          Great pics!!!ReplyCancel

        • Genevieve Jolley

          Great pictures. What a perfect day!ReplyCancel

        • Erica Carney

          It was a fantastic day! The pictures bring back all the memories. Thanks Nancy 🙂ReplyCancel

        fabulous/not-so-fabulous…..casey and dan || indian pond country club

        Happy March everyone!!! Here is the first entry in my fabulous/not-so-fabulous contest. I’m asking all my 2008 & 2009 brides to tell me their stories from their wedding, things that they loved, and/or things they wished they had done differently. The first entry is from Casey, who is probably the quickest email responder of anyone...

        Second (almost) annual fabulous/not-so-fabulous contest!!!

        I had such a great response with my first fabulous/not-so-fabulous contest, I am so excited to do it again! I meant to do it last year, but somehow, the winter got away from me before I could set it up! The first time that I did this, it was open to all past clients. This...

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        • Denise Bennett

          Everything was just perfect. Thank you Casey he’s all yours, not taking him back.ReplyCancel

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