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and the second winner is……….

Melissa and Matt!Congratulations, with a whopping 67 comments you secured yourself a beautiful 16×20 gallery wrap! Thanks to everyone for their input and comments, this was such a FABULOUS contest!!!

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    fabulous/not-so fabulous – post your comments now!

    Hello everyone!I just posted the last entry for the fabulous/not-so fabulous contest. Heather (fab/not-fab story #11) was the first lucky winner of a fine art gallery wrap from her wedding pictures. The next winner will be the person whose post has the most comments. All comments must be posted by midnight, MARCH 21st.Good luck and...

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      fabulous/not-so fabulous – #21

      And the last entry is from Val, who got married in February of 2006! “We loved that we chose to get married near Valentine’s Day – it really worked out great for everyone! For our guests, it was a fun and special evening out during a time when their schedules weren’t jam-packed with other weddings....

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        fabulous/not-so fabulous – #20

        Next up is Megan, another 2004 bride! I’m looking forward to seeing her again this fall at Sam’s brother’s wedding! “So…about the wedding reflections. I think that our wedding planning was unique in that my sister Katelin and her husband were married 7 weeks before our wedding day. They were married in early September and...

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        • giggles

          Sam and Meg’s wedding was a blast! The ceremony was beautiful, and the reception could not have been more fun!! Nancy was fantastic–looking through Sam and Meg’s wedding album brings back all of the special memories of the day. Nancy captured all of the emotion and excitement of the day which is why she was one of the first vendors we booked for our wedding this September–we just had to have her! We can’t wait to work with her at our wedding–and how fun that she was at Sam and Meg’s wedding where it all began–4 years ago!ReplyCancel

        • pat

          Hi, I am Meghan Parisi’s mom and she and Sam were married on October 30, 2004. She wrote a small recap of her wedding and mentioned at that time that her sister, Katelin, was married seven weeks prior to her own wedding. Fortunately, for my husband and myself, both sets of brides and grooms knew exactly what they wanted and did all of the planning themselves!
          Meghan chose Nancy Gould after researching many photographers online and in person, and was particularly impressed by Nancy’s photojournalistic approach. We witnessed the magic of her skill throughout the entire time from morning till midnight.
          Nancy began the day, as we did, by just being there to absorb all of the activities that lead up to the wedding and reception. She quietly and in-obtrusively meandered around our home as the girls applied their make up, sipped coffee, and shared in the excitement of the occasion. Meghan’s wedding gown was hanging, as if in mid air, with her wedding shoes beneath it. Nancy caught the moment.
          We have a balcony the overlooks the living room in our home where Nancy positioned the bride and her bridesmaids as the father of the bride gazed upwards to take in the scene. Nancy caught the moment.
          My special request of catching Meghan at the church just as she was stepping out of the limousine was an amazing portrait of exhilarated anticipation. However, the picture of the newlyweds at the reception as they were stepping out of the limousine full of love and contentment said it all.
          Nancy somehow managed to photograph every guest in attendance and even zeroed in on my nine year old nephew, who had created a face on his slice of wedding cake, from the Halloween candies that were at each table as favors. She truly captured the ambience of this happy event and created a treasury of memories that beautifully told the story of the wedding of Meghan and Sam.
          But of course she would….she is a photojournalist!ReplyCancel

        • Katelin

          Meg and Sam’s wedding was a wonderful event. As matron of honor, I felt it was my duty to make sure my sister was relaxed and enjoying the day she had done so much to plan for. With Nancy taking charge of capturing the day, Meg was able to sit back and trust that everything would be documented. I was impressed with how buttoned-up Nancy and her team were throughout the day. Nancy was organized and sensitive about getting some of the key candids that truly captured what the day was all about. Nancy’s effort and creativity were evident in the wide variety of shots she was able to show my sister. At one point, she even looked like a Charlie’s Angel as she was maneuvering in positions on the floor to get an interesting angle of Meg and Sam dancing. At any rate, because it was clear that Nancy was a professional, Meg and Sam were able to focus on each other and their guests on this special dayReplyCancel

        • Linda K.

          Meghan and Sam’s wedding day was a very special day to be a part of. Meghan was very beautiful and it was so nice to see them happy together staring their new life. Every picture shows the love and fun not only they showed but all of their guests experienced. One picture that stands out for me is Meghan coming out of the limo with the dark storm clouds at the reception and the umbrella, it was perfect because it showed a gleaming bride who didn’t let a little rain dampen her spririts that day. The color in that photo was amazing. I also enjoyed all their black and white photos and remember their thank you card vividly as a picture from that special day.ReplyCancel

        • Carrie

          Meg and Sam’s Wedding Day pictures were beautiful. They will be able to relive their magical day as they journey through life as husband and wife…and now parents of almost 2.
          They will be able to share their special day with those they love and are loved by as they look and relook through their wedding pictures. Nancy captured so many special moments of Meg and Sam’s love. I am so happy that such a great friend married a great guy….and their are pictures to “proof” it.ReplyCancel

        • Victoria

          Meg and Sam’s wedding was beautiful! I loved the pictures that captured the natural beauty of their day- the leaves were gorgeous! As Sam’s brother’s wife, I love the way that Nancy captured the guys’ personalities perfectly in her photographs. The pictures that she snapped of our nephew, Sammy, were absolutely gorgeous, too!ReplyCancel

        • Betsy

          My husband and I were so honored to share in Meg and Sam’s special day. Everything was just perfect, from the church decorations to the gorgeous reception site. The photographs truly capture the beauty and love of the day. I’m so glad that our friends have such wonderful pictures to help relive these amazing memories.ReplyCancel

        • cindy

          Meghan and Sam’s wedding was a very special day for such a delightful couple and all those who have known and loved them over the years. Their happiness and joy was very contagious…and the photographers captured it all. Although we now have wonderful memories of their magical day, Meghan and Sam have a thoughtful and artistic collection of photos to enjoy for a lifetime. They are sure to become a family treasure.ReplyCancel

        • Lynne

          It would be impossible to look at Meghan and Sam’s wedding album and not notice how each photograph captures the happiness and joy of their very special day. I’ve known Meghan since the day she was born. Her beautiful personality and radiant smile come through in every picture. Having known Meghan’s parents for many years along with their extended families and friends, I was impressed at how Nancy Gould made sure to include family and friends in photographs throughout the day. Meghan and Sam are fortunate to have a wedding album that reflects not only their happiness but the joy of everyone who was there to celebrate Meghan and Sam’s love for each other.ReplyCancel

        fabulous/not-so fabulous – #19

        Next up is Jennifer – you may recognize some of her pictures from my sample album. She a bunch of things to share! “When I think back to my wedding day, there really isn’t much I would change, mostly because I’ve basically been planning my wedding since I was in grammar school. My Priscilla of...

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        • Leanne

          I was hoping you could give me the contact information for your artist. My wedding is also taking place in the Oval Room next year and I’ve been searching for someone to paint during the reception.

          Thank you!ReplyCancel

        fabulous/not-so fabulous – #18

        Next up is Adrianne, she had a super-fun day with absolutely amazing weather. “Top 10 Fabulous Things about Adrianne & Jeremy’s wedding day: 10. A 75 degree, sunny beautiful August Saturday! I had fears of 95 degrees. 9. Not speaking to each other the morning of our wedding. It made the moment of seeing each...

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          fabulous/not-so fabulous – #17

          The next entry if from Becka, a 2004 bride. “Almost 4 years after we were married, and still the only thing I wish I had done differently during my wedding was to look at Tom as I walked down the aisle. I was so afraid I would lose it (which I did during the ceremony)...

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            fabulous/not-so fabulous – #16

            Next up is from Jen, she got married in October of last year……. “What I Should Have Had In My Emergency Day Of Kit! Everyone thinks to include touch up makeup and a few extra bobby pins in their purse for the reception but I really wish I had asked my makeup artist for a...

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            • Meghan

              Jen your pictures are beautiful and I loved the stories!!ReplyCancel

            • Lucy

              Beautiful pictures. I love your dress it is gorgeous.ReplyCancel

            • Christine

              Thats a great idea! I love the flowers and the pictures!!ReplyCancel

            • rara

              Such a fun wedding! Absolutely beautiful pictures!ReplyCancel

            • eyeshavemiles

              it was actually kind of fun taking the pictures without the boys, knowing they were due in the same spot shortly but shouldn’t see us. it added to the excitement of the day.ReplyCancel

            • eyeone1999

              Everything was perfect. The weather, the photos in the public garden, the church, the ceremony, the reception…but most of all, The Couple.

              I’ll never tire of looking at the beautiful pictures of you and Andy on your wedding day. Love, MomReplyCancel

            • elizabeth

              Beautiful photos! You look gorgeous and your bridesmaids look like professional top models!ReplyCancel

            • stefania2380

              what a great day! I cant believe what beautiful weather we had. The pictures on the bridge are some of my favorites!ReplyCancel

            • dc

              I couldn’t believe the limo was picking us up 3 hours early for picture taking in the Public Garden. Why would we need that much time for photos? As it turned out everything worked out great. The weather was perfect and the Bride, Brides maids and Mother-of-the Bride were gorgeous. Love, DadReplyCancel

            • Judy

              Jen & Andy,
              Your wedding day was perfect. Such a beautiful church, reception, bride & groom. Every detail was carefully planned and it showed. You both are very lucky to have found each other.

            • Heather

              I love love your dress, your flowers, your bridesmaid dresses, YOU, everything! Your pics are beautiful. Good tips and Jon and I are doing the same thing before our ceremony!ReplyCancel

            • Kellie

              Jen – You and Andy are such a beautiful couple. You’re pictures are perfect and so wasn’t your day!ReplyCancel

            • Melissa

              Shout wipes saved my sister’s wedding as well!

              I have to say, your eyelashes were one of my favorite memories of the day as well. I remember seeing you after my speech and noticing that they were a little bit unglued. I took it as a compliment!ReplyCancel

            fabulous/not-so fabulous – #15

            Well, I knew that Jennifer would have some good comments…..turns out she already has them posted on HER blog! (just scroll down about a page for the wedding stuff) Here are a couple of my favorite entries……(I’m partial to Vows, because that’s where I got my dress, too! “So you became engaged, and you don’t...

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              Fabulous/not-so fabulous – #14

              Next up is a sad, sad story from Allison……… “I was reading a magazine when I saw this picture of Eva Longoria with these fabulous wedding flip flops on! They were white and had a big fake diamond ring in between the toes. They were so cute and might I say expensive, but I had...

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