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Lindsey + Danny || Wychmere Beach Club || Harwich Port, Massachusetts

Hello everyone!! I cannot believe we are rapidly approaching the end of the year! How does this happen??!! I have one more beautiful fall Cape Cod wedding to share with you! Lindsey and Danny came out to the studio last winter to meet with me. I was right in the throes of marathon training at...

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    Laura and Tim || Lakeview Pavilion || Foxboro, Massachusetts

    Hello everybody!!! Hope you are all enjoying these last few weeks of summer. The weather has been just perfect. Laura and Tim scored one of those perfect days for their wedding at the Lakeview Pavilion. I started with Laura and the girls right around the corner at her family’s house in Foxboro. They had their...

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      mary ellen + ethan || wychmere beach club || harwich port, massachusetts

      Hi there everyone! I am starting this blog post as Hurricane Sandy gets closer….hope that I can finish it before the power goes out! Fortunately, there were no hurricanes on the horizon for Mary Ellen & Ethan’s wedding on Cape Cod. I’m sure that Wychmere would have been able to handle it, but it’s just...

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        laura + eric || wequassett resort || cape cod, massachusetts

        Hi everyone! I have a super busy September to blog, so I’m going to do my best to stay on top of it! Here is my first September wedding – Laura and Eric’s perfect day on Cape Cod. I started out at Laura’s parents’ house in Chatham. What a gorgeous spot! Her grandmother couldn’t be...

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          pamela and bill || the barn at gibbet hill || groton, massachusetts

          hello stalkerazzi!!!!! I’m so excited to finally share some images from my last wedding in September. It was the end of September, but it felt like the middle of summer! I started out at Pamela’s parents’ house, where I had been just a year ago shooting her sister Michelle’s wedding! I couldn’t resist working this...

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          • Pamela

            Thank you so much Nancy! You have truly captured the day. We are so happy with the photos. Thanks for taking the hike up to the top of the hill with us! It was worth it.ReplyCancel

          • Kate Mandel

            Absolutely stunning Pam! It looks as though the wedding was taken straight from a fairy tale! Nancy Gould & Co. – you are amazingly talented! Beautifully captured moments that will definitely last a lifetime.

            Congrats again Pam & Bill!!ReplyCancel

          • Ben

            Love the sneak preview!! The picture of the pumpkin and the rings almost doesnt look real.

            Great Job as usual!!!

            Congrats Pammy Cakes and BillReplyCancel

          • Katie

            Amazing pictures that captured an amazing (and hot!) day!! Congrats Pam & Bill!ReplyCancel

          • Lauren

            So happy for you both. The day looked perfect!ReplyCancel

          • Kristin

            Pam, you look gorgeous!! It was such a beautiful wedding, congratulations again!
            Kristin & GregReplyCancel

          • Michelle

            Absolutely stunning! Nancy, you and Kelly did it again! You truly captured the day! LOVE the picture when the officaint called them wedding magazine models and the one Kelly got of them both lauging! Congrats Pamela and Bill – your wedding day could not have been any more beautiful and perfect!ReplyCancel

          • Aunt Jean

            Beautiful pictures! I love the ones up at the castle, so romantic. Can’t wait to see the rest.ReplyCancel

          • Connie Linna

            I thought I was looking at Bride’s Magazine. Absolutely beautiful, as was the day from beginning to end. Best wishes go out to Pamela and Bill.ReplyCancel

          • Melanie

            These first pictures were worth the wait. They are wonderful! I can’t wait to see the rest. Nancy and Kelly – you are great! I am so glad Pamela and Bill picked you to photograph their wedding!ReplyCancel

          • Rachel

            Your smiles summed up the entire evening, it was PERFECT!!!ReplyCancel

          • Valerie (Cook) Chiasson

            Absolutely gorgeous photos; what a great job capturing not just the beauty but also the spirit of this wonderful event! Bill, congrats, she looks like a great girl—something about her reminds me SO much of your mother!ReplyCancel

          • Allison N.

            What BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Looks like you had the perfect day! Congrats Pam and Bill!!ReplyCancel

          • Megan

            Congrats to you both, you look so happy!ReplyCancel

          • These are beautiful pictures. They bring back sweet memories of a great day. Wishing Bill and Pamela many years of Happiness and Sweet Memories.ReplyCancel

          • Cheryl Halpin

            Bill and Pam, You are straight off the pages of a magazine – simply stunning! You both look so happy and beautiful. What a gorgeous setting for a wedding. The pictures truly capture the special day. All the best to you both!ReplyCancel

          • Kimberly

            Beautiful! I love the one with your rings around the pumpkin stem! Congratulations!ReplyCancel

          • Matt & Jess

            Bill & Pam look fantastic! Great photography!ReplyCancel

          • The Groom

            This was the best day of my life. Nancy, you captured it perfectly. Thank you!ReplyCancel

          • Kathleen

            Congratulations Pam & Bill. It was such an incredible day and having these beautiful photos will be such a wonderful reminder!ReplyCancel

          • Carolyn

            Congratulations Pamela & Bill and thank you Nancy for capturing all the beauty and love on this gorgeous wedding dayReplyCancel

          • Lexi

            You two are gorgeous! Love the pics, especially of you in front of the castleReplyCancel

          • Jason Cornelia

            These pictures look wonderful! I always enjoy looking at photographs like these. The photographer, Nancy Gould, did an excellent job. Congratulations to Pamela and Bill on their special day! It looks great!ReplyCancel

          • Jim

            Congratulations to the lovely couple. The pictures capture the wonderful moment!ReplyCancel

          andrea and paul || willowdale estate || topsfield, massachusetts

          Hello blog stalkers!!! I heard through the grapevine that Andrea has been checking everyday to see her pictures…so here they are! **quick public service announcement – I’ll be doing mini-portrait sessions on 10/2 and 10/10 at hopkinton state park – $75 for 15-20 minutes. email me at or call me at 617.283.3882 to get...

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            katy and danny || the barn at gibbet hill || groton, massachusetts

            I feel like this is usually the time of year when my season is just getting rolling, but here I am blogging my sixth wedding of the year! Katy was (of course) hoping for a sunny day for their wedding day, but when we arrived to start shooting, there was definitely some rain coming down....

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            • Katy

              I am so thankful to Nancy for these great pictures. We did not have the best weather that day and she still managed to get fantastic photos outside… Thank you!!!ReplyCancel

            • The pictures are so beautiful, so natural, what a lovely couple that is so loved.
              I hope we can pick out some pictures, it will be difficult to sort, I am sure there are no bad ones.

              Love MomReplyCancel

            • keri ricard

              I can not say it enough congradulations to Katy and Danny. These photos are truely amazing. It was a blessing to be apart of this amazing time in your life. Love always, KeriReplyCancel

            • Nancy, These pictures are fantastic. Thank you for helping to make it so special. Congrats to Katy and Danny. It was one of the best days of my life too.

              Love MomReplyCancel

            • Carol Howard

              Katy and Danny’s wedding pictures are so beautiful. You captured many wonderful moments for the bride and groom and their family to remember forever.ReplyCancel

            • Melissa Lichtenfels

              WOW- absolutely stunning pictures!!ReplyCancel

            • Judi Lichtenfels

              Beautiful Pictures! Beautiful Wedding! A day I will never forget!
              Love to you both!ReplyCancel

            • dawn

              more pictures os topanga please!!!!ReplyCancel

            • Caren Jackson

              Beautiful pictures of a beautiful day. I can’t wait to see more.
              Congratulations again!
              Love, CarenReplyCancel

            • Linda Lee


              What a beautiful bride you made and what a beautiful wedding you had!! So happy for you and Danny.


            • Lisa

              Pictures are wonderful, really capture the emotions of the day. I wish I had photos like this 25 years ago! Katy and Danny look like stars!ReplyCancel

            • Amanda Chehna

              Great pictures! Love the one with Topanga. Great work capturing the beautiful day it turned out to be.ReplyCancel

            • Linda Marrano

              Great pics!! Thanks for sharing.ReplyCancel

            • Amber

              Oh my goodness! The pictures are stunning! I want to have my reception at Gibbet! Thank you so much for confirming my gut feeling! And the dress was exquisteReplyCancel

            anna and russ || the barn at gibbet hill || groton, ma

            Anna and Russ had a fantastic day at Gibbet Hill. They were all about keeping everything low-key and simple, and they definitely succeeded! Anna was more of a no-frills bride (literally, she took the frills out of her dress…), and we started right away with a little walk up the hill to do a few...

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            • Susan Silbovitz

              Hi Nancy,

              They’re wonderful! I relive the wedding just looking at them! Today is our 34th anniversary and it makes me realize how fast time goes by…seems like our wedding was just yesterday. So, thank you many times over for doing such a lovely job and giving us so many delicious memories of Anna & Russ’s special day!

              Susan & WarrenReplyCancel

            ali and sean || willowdale estate || topsfield, ma

            I had the pleasure of meeting Ali last summer at Maureen and Luke ‘s wedding. She was newly engaged and in charge of handing out programs. Of course everyone was noticing her lovely new sparkly ring, and not wanting to steal any thunder Ali considered flipping her ring around. I was so happy when Sean...

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            • Courtney

              The pictures are GORGEOUS! I can’t wait to see the rest of them…ReplyCancel

            • Kelly

              These pictures are amazing! You and Ali look great!ReplyCancel

            • Melissa

              These pictures are absolutely beautiful. Ali, great job on all the diy’s! Also, I am enamoured with the shrug. Sean confirmed it was from etsy, I LOVEEE Etsy!

              Congrats and I wish you all the best of luck.ReplyCancel

            • madhabi mistry

              these pictures are so beautiful! and along with the narration, i felt like i was there! congratulations!ReplyCancel

            • Maureen

              I’m not the slightest bit surprised – these photos are beautiful! I could look at them again and again – it was a fantastic day, down to every last detail. I can’t wait to see the rest of them. Ali and Sean, congratulations!ReplyCancel

            • Carter

              Great pictures! It really was a wonderful evening!ReplyCancel

            • Francesca

              These photos are beautiful! I love the wedding cake top–amazing! Everything is so sweet and loving; looks like it was a wonderful day.ReplyCancel

            • Kat

              Adore the photos! I know the two of them put a lot of time and effort on the the details, and I love that you took the time to capture them for their photos. Definitely captured the spirit of the wedding. Hooray for Ali and Sean!!!ReplyCancel

            • Susan Daly

              The setting is gorgeous, the pictures are fabulous and you both look so happy. Congratulations and best wishes for a long, happy marriage.ReplyCancel

            • Bella

              Beautiful photos! If I hadn’t already booked a photographer, I’d be calling Nancy. It was such a wonderful event, and I thank you for sharing it with us!ReplyCancel

            • Deana Peabody

              Such beautiful pictures! I absolutely LOVE them! Ali you looked so great! The ceremony pictures are amazing. Wish we were there, best of luck to a fabulous couple.ReplyCancel

            • Natalia

              I hope Sean’s tie ended up on his head at some point in the evening!ReplyCancel

            • Katie

              Wow! Really great photos! Ali and Sean, what a wonderful, fun wedding!!ReplyCancel

            • Nicole

              Wonderful pictures from a wonderful day!!ReplyCancel

            • kristin

              Great photos!! You two looked SO happy all day–not hard to get great pictures–I’m looking forward to seeing the rest.ReplyCancel

            • Shelly

              Great pics! They really capture the joy and playfulness of the evening. I love the small b&w series of Ali & Sean. So perfect!ReplyCancel

            • Todd

              Great photos that celebrate a even greater nightReplyCancel

            • Michelle Freniere

              These pictures look amazing adn perfectly capture the essence of the day. I love them!ReplyCancel

            • Natasha Anderson

              What beautiful photos! It was an amazing celebration and the pictures reflect all of the love and happiness that was felt that day! I love the series of the 3 black and white pics of Ali & Sean 🙂ReplyCancel

            • Tessa

              absolutely love these photos- Nancy, you are gifted. and I really appreciate that these are posted online so that we can all see them so easily and relive the great night.ReplyCancel

            • Rich

              How did I miss the cookies??ReplyCancel

            • Mishawn Davis-Eyene

              I don’t know if I’ve seen pictures that caputre the little precious moments of a wedding any better!ReplyCancel

            • katie Publicover

              Had such a great time!!!!! These pictures came out great. It is clear in the photos how much you guys love each other….
              I had a great time and i am really blessed to have you as a sister and Doug as a new Brother in law….
              happiness always!ReplyCancel

            • Alexandra Chiurri

              Hi Ali! What a beautiful wedding!!! Alex ChiurriReplyCancel

            • […] 5. For the DIYer – This cute little stir stick is so easy to make at home! Simply place a wooden stir stick from your grocery store between two stickers and TA-DA!  Photo by Nancy Gould […]ReplyCancel

            cortney and eric || lakeview pavillion || foxborough, ma

            I’ve been looking forward to blogging this wedding for awhile! This was the first 2009 wedding that I booked, and the bride is a nurse and the groom is a teacher. So, basically, a couple of saints in my book. They had an amazingly sunny day, which is such a gift this summer! We started...

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            • Cortney

              These pictures are great! Thanks Nancy!ReplyCancel

            • Morgan

              I love the different angles of the camera and the black and white photography. These pictures are so beautiful!!!ReplyCancel

            • Marie

              Wow…these pictures are gorgeous!! I love the one of you and Eric lighting the candles!ReplyCancel

            • Nellie

              LOVE the pics!!! What a great party, I feel like I’m reliving it!ReplyCancel

            • Genevieve

              Cort and Eric, What goregous photos!! I can’t choose which one I like the best!! Congrats again!!!ReplyCancel

            • Howie Shwartz

              Great pictures!ReplyCancel

            • Andria

              Amazing pictures,I love them all!! Especially the black and white on the dance floor, such a beautiful picture of you and Eric!!!ReplyCancel

            • Brandon

              Wow! The pics are great!ReplyCancel

            • Cyrrene

              I love the one of you two by the black fence. I vote that for your wall mount.:)ReplyCancel

            • Amy

              Awesome pics!!!!!!!!!!!ReplyCancel

            • Elizabeth

              These came our wonderful! They really captured the day!ReplyCancel

            • Stacy

              The pictures turned out beautiful! I especially like the one of the Aussie doing the worm. Seriously who brought that guy!ReplyCancel

            • Carol Shwartz

              I love all the pictures! There are some really nice ones!ReplyCancel

            • Maggie

              So beautiful! These photos capture your special day!ReplyCancel

            • katie

              You photos are amazing and you look fabulous!!!

            • Stephanie Osgood

              These pictures are beautiful. I now have a photographer to keep in mind if I need any events photographed!ReplyCancel

            • Aralis


              You did an awesome job! Cortney looked absolutely stunning! You captured those special momments.ReplyCancel

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