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Happy March everyone!!!

Here is the first entry in my fabulous/not-so-fabulous contest. I’m asking all my 2008 & 2009 brides to tell me their stories from their wedding, things that they loved, and/or things they wished they had done differently.

The first entry is from Casey, who is probably the quickest email responder of anyone I know!!! Casey had a few issues keeping track of everything the morning of her wedding…and wished her ceremony had been a little longer.

“So I wish I had put someone in charge of all the things I needed for the
big day..i.e. my shoes..so dan and I did one last practice dance in our
living room before we headed down to Plymouth on the Thursday before our
wedding. So Sat morning comes around and my mom goes “where’s grandpa’s
ring”…I immediately panic and start balling (I’m a crier) and search
everywhere for it and find it in its trusty spot, ring box with my under
garments and garter. I looked for it everywhere as if I had completely
lost my mind and had no clue where it was. So once we found that my
maid of honor and I were off to the salon to meet the other girls. I am
on my way out of the hotel and my mom goes “where are your shoes” again
frantic I look everywhere and cant find them anywhere, so my mom goes to
my hotel room where dan was getting ready and looks everywhere in there,
mind you dan has the highest anxietyyyyyyyyy ever so this is helping him
tremendously, ha. We then realize that maybe after our last dance
practice I took my shoes off and left them instead of bringing them with
us…so my cousin was driving by Franklin and stopped by and got them
for us (luckily everyone knows the code to our garage).”


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