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Sorry for the delay between entries – just one more after this one!

Here’s Michelle’s entry – from original artwork to almost having a “Benny Hill” moment….they had a fantastic day!

“Aside from the actual wedding itself, cocktail hour packed by far the most fabulous moments that, up until that point, we only could have dreamed of.

Our wedding day was absolutely spectacular, we truly could not have been more fortunate. Having chosen a day in mid September, we crossed our fingers hoped for the best. As it turned out, we could not have asked for a better day.

Blanketed by warmth of the afternoon sun, our guests enjoyed drinks, appetizers, and live music on the balcony while Nancy orchestrated the bridal party pictures on the golf course below. It was the perfect setting for us, and our guests. They had the chance to watch, as Nancy did her thing, and we were close enough to them, to feel like part of the party, music and all.

As cocktail hour came to an end, and our guests were ushered into the ballroom, they came to discover Alexander, the impressionist artist we hired to paint our first dance. I found Alex a couple months prior the wedding while I was pouring though the archives of Nancy’s blog (still one of my favorite pastimes), and had to have him. Ben and I had decided to keep Alex a secret from everybody, including my sister and our parents. It was fun to watch our guests stand and marvel while Alex’s canvas came to life as the evening wore on. It’s incredible to have an actual piece of art that captures our own wedding day, it’s the perfect keepsake.”


“Far and away, the most fabulous part of cocktail hour happened as day began turning to night. The sun had shone all day, and just as it began to dip behind the tree line of the 18th fairway, the sky turned an unforgettable and breathtaking shade of pinkish lavender. Words cannot explain how lucky we were, to have been standing in that particular spot, at that particular moment in time, with each other.”


“Now, for the “Not so fabulous” Immediately upon arriving at the golf course, Ben and I hopped in a golf cart and drove off with Nancy and our wedding coordinator Kimberly, who was fabulous herself, to the 14th green to take some quick pictures. It was great to have a couple moments alone together in the quiet serenity of the early evening, interrupted only by the sound of Nancy’s camera. Fabulous, right up until the cart ride back to the clubhouse. Ladies, if I can impart one word of advice on you, it would be for you to remember to keep all parts of your gown securely in the cart. Now, Kimberly had just reminded me, to hold on to my train during the ride back, and I was doing great, right up until some people waved at us as were driving by. Well, I had to wave back, and I completely forgot about my train, and halfway between our private shoot, and cocktail hour, our golf cart came screeching to a stop. The train had gotten caught up in the wheel well, and ripped all along the seam. The damage was disappointing, but manageable. Realizing that there was nothing I could really do, and that it wasn’t THAT bad, we laughed it off and chased away the pain with the remaining wine in our glasses. As it turned out, after my sister bustled the dress, you could hardly tell. The best part was when I brought the dress to the dry cleaner after the honeymoon. I looked at the inside of the train, and sure enough, there was a tire mark its entire length. All I could do was laugh! I am so lucky it was not on the outside of the train! Could you even imagine???!!!

So that’s our Fabulous, Not So Fabulous stories for Saturday September 19, 2009. A day we waited so long for, and never wanted to end. We wouldn’t trade it for the world. THANKS NANCY!!”

You are very welcome!!! Certainly there will be minor glitches in almost every wedding day, but if you have a great attitude, nothing can ruin your day!

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