Haley and Brooks || Engagement shoot || Boston, Massachusetts

Hello everyone!!!!

How are you holding up? And if you are super refreshed because you just got back from a sunny tropical vacation, I might not be able to talk to you right now. 🙂 Three snow storms in one week is a lot, even for Massachusetts. But that doesn’t stop me!! I met Haley and Brooks (and Haley’s mom!) for their engagement shoot downtown the day after one of the giant snowstorms. Fortunately – a snowy beautiful Boston is just what they wanted.

We started out on Memorial Bridge – so pretty but man was it cold!!! Yikes! I’m really glad most of my weddings don’t happen when it is super chilly out, it gets a little hard to move your fingers. But look how pretty these pictures are!


After Memorial Bridge, we drove over to Eastern Standard, which is not only the place where Haley and Brooks met, but also where they got engaged! They got their “usuals” which I have to say looked really, really yummy.


I could tell that Haley had worked as a waitress, because she was worried about taking up space at a table while we were walking around taking photos in other spots. Only a former server would be sensitive to that!!! I’ve logged quite a few hours waiting tables, so I could relate.



On the way to our last location, we made a quick stop to get the trees on the Commonwealth Avenue Mall. This is when it was handy to have Tami (Haley’s mom) to hang out in the car so we didn’t get towed! How cute are they? You’d never know it was freeeeeezing.


Last but not least, we ended up in Southie for our last shot. How cool is this bridge?



I had a great time with you guys! And I’m really glad my snow boots didn’t fall apart until I got home. Thanks for driving and holding a light from time to time Tami – it was a huge help!!!

Here’s to a beautiful sunny wedding day for the two of you – not that you need it. You guys are adorable anywhere!

If you are a friend and would like to see their gallery, you can do so here.

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