Hi there everyone!

So, I always mean to throw in a post here and there about what I’m up to (besides shooting weddings) and I never get around to it! Also, because I spend all my time working on client images, my personal ones take a back seat. (can you say no family albums??!!) However, my trusty phone is always around, so I thought I would share a few instagrams with you!

I had a couple of free weekends between weddings, so I packed up the kids and headed down to Maryland to see one of my sisters and her family. My husband is working on our house (almost doubling it!), so he stayed behind and kept working.

We went to Annapolis, Mount Vernon, and some other cool spots (Peeps store!). I made the most of being south of the Mason-Dixon line by doing some fun beer shopping.


I even made a feeble attempt to help out on the home front when we got back by painting a few doors. I must say, the third coat is a bit less glamourous than the first!

I’m back now, and already have a few shoots in the works to be posted soon. If you want to follow me on instagram, I’m nancygould. I can’t promise you the most exciting feed, mostly food and kids pics, but if that floats your boat then great!!


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