she's as sweet as….

I drove down to Jamestown, Rhode Island to meet the newest little redhead in town. I’m pleased to introduce baby Tupelo…


Her mom, Jennifer, and I have been friends since we were fifteen, and I am so happy for her! Jennifer and her husband David are the ridiculously talented couple behind Clancy Designs. They make amazing pieces for everyday use, as well as fine art pieces. Doesn’t everyone’s glass shelf in their kitchen look like this?


Anyway, I had big plans of doing a huge photo shoot, but then we just ended up chatting and I got to hold a sleeping baby for almost an hour, so we only got a few shots.



Yes, Arlo….you’re still cute….


David requested a picture of Tupelo in his hands. If you had a dad whose hands made stuff like this,

wouldn’t you want the same??


Congratulations!!! Hopefully we’ll do more pictures soon!

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