welcome baby brendan!

So after meeting super-handsome Sammy last year, I was thrilled to meet his younger brother Brendan! The proud parents are 2004 wedding clients, and it was great to see them (or at least Meghan and her mom!) again.

So, most photographers have a hard time getting anything except “sleeping baby” shots with such tiny babies, but not so with Brendan. At 13 days old (and with a full belly), he was wide awake and perfectly content. I love this shot.

And how perky and happy does Meghan look? I definitely don’t remember looking that fantastic when Jonah was 2 weeks old…

Big brother Sammy even got in the action, this was right before/after a little kiss. Brendan almost looks like he’s smiling!

Being a big brother is HARD….

OK, so….a disclaimer here. I realize that this is not the super-sweet baby calendar type picture, but I love it for a very specific reason. When you bring your little baby home from the hospital, they cross their eyes A LOT the first few weeks. They are still learning how to control their little eye muscles. Now, you would think as a mom that you would remember this, but you forget! In fact, I totally forgot how much Lee and Jonah used to do it until I saw Brendan doing it. So, I just love that this captures a moment in time which goes by faster than you can believe.

Now HERE’S the super-sweet calendar picture….

Congratulations, I’m so happy for you guys!!

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    Olivia and I absolutely adore these photographs of three of our favorite people! Olivia says, “Baby Brendan is soooo cute. And Sammy is such a big boy!” A beautiful collection!ReplyCancel

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