yoga and dill pickle chips || life in the time of corona

Hi all!

How is everyone doing? I miss all of your faces! I just thought I would dust off this blog and come over and say hello. I have some fun business stuff that I will show you, but thought I would give you a little look into my quarantine life so far!

It’s been a combination of fits of productivity, and going in hibernation mode, eating everything in sight and binge watching too much netflix and youtube.

Let’s start with the productive stuff! I’ve been scrubbing off the studio so that we can glaze the shingles, working on the yard, going on trail runs (which actually got me injured), and we are almost through with all of these books I checked out right before everything closed!

I also needed to give the men in the house a few haircuts as they were getting shaggy! I only cut myself once, and I don’t think I did too bad of a job!

Of course there have been plenty of quarantine selfies, socially distanced visits to drop off groceries, and I used the remote app for my camera to get a photo of myself with my kids for Mother’s Day – winning!

My daughter has been baking a ton (which is what I will weigh soon!), and I have been perfecting my pancakes, shepherd’s pie and homemade pizza. YUM.

Then for whatever reason we have decided that it is like a snack vacation around here. Food that we usually buy for the beach is a daily treat now. These Dill Pickle chips are the winner so far.

I have had some productive YouTube time – 30 Day Yoga Journey with Adriene – yay! And some not-so-productive YouTube time watching Jaime French‘s make-up tutorials – she kills me.



Ok, well that’s all well and good Nancy, but what else have you been doing? So glad you asked!

  • I put the finishing touches on my corporate website – hop on over and take a peek if you have time!
  • I had some time to work on all the newborn sessions I photographed right before everything got shut down – check out these cuties!
  • I’ve been working on client albums – now is a great time to check that off of your list if you haven’t already!!
  • I added seniors to my portrait page! If you know anyone wrapping up their junior year, let me know!
  • After 18 years in business, I am finally putting together client emails in an organized list. Seeing as it took me this long to do it, I highly doubt that I will be sending out emails every 6 hours like Dick’s Sporting Goods, so if you’d like to sign up to be notified when there are headshot mini-sessions, senior sessions, print sales, etc., please click here.

    If you made it this far in the post – I’m impressed!! You must be bored – ha!! Hope you all are doing as well as you can, and I will see you on the other side!!




    TL;DR – been eating a TON, working on the yard, polishing up some business projects, sign up for my email!!! 🙂

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