go nancy go!!! 26.2 to end cancer!

Helllooooooooooo everyone!!!!

So, it is FINALLY feeling like spring! Time to come out of hibernation. The blog has been pretty quiet, but things have still been pretty busy around here. Winter time is typically album time around here! Everyone has had time to settle in on their favorite images (or just decided to let me pick!), so I then work on the design for them! You can see a few recent designs here, here, and here! Don’t forget the guest books for a couple upcoming 2013 weddings! You can see those here, here, here,and here! Can’t wait to see those at your receptions, they are always a big hit!!!

So, in addition to all the design work, I have taken on a pretty big project myself. I am running the Boston Marathon in a few days to support Dana-Farber. Some of you already know that I lost my mom to pancreatic cancer in 2005, when I was pregnant with my daughter Lee.


I miss her everyday, and often think of her often when I’m shooting. I always get a little teary when doing a newborn shoot when the grandmother is there, when a mom is helping her daughter with her dress, or watching couples hit the 40 and 50 year mark in the anniversary dances.

It’s still really hard, but this year I am feeling more optimistic and hopeful raising money for ground breaking research. 100% of every dollar I raise goes directly to research.

This will be my first marathon, and it has been an amazing experience. If any of you are thinking of doing a marathon, I would definitely encourage you to go for it!!! (hopefully I will feel the same on the 16th!!) I would also suggest that you run with a team, and I don’t think there are many better teams than Dana-Farber! You get all the advice and support you need from the coach Jack Fultz (past winner of the Boston Marathon) and lots of other experienced runners on the team. The group runs are fun with lots of water & snack stops (even with Peeps sometimes!). You can even go to indoor track workouts, and Thursday night runs from Newton to the finish line followed by pizza and beer. You don’t need to be fast, and if you’ve only ever run three miles, that’s ok, too!!

By total coincidence, one of my upcoming grooms is also on the DFMC team! I never thought I’d be going on 22 miles runs with my clients!!!

Here are a few photos (mostly iphone) from my training through this long snowy winter!!




I have been totally blown away by all the support and encouragement I have gotten along the way. If you have been touched somehow by cancer in your family, please consider making a donation HERE. No amount is too small {although the on-line minimum is $5}. I have received donations from past wedding clients, even dj’s and make-up artists, and I have to tell you it just makes my day. Not that I don’t love getting donations from my sisters or best friends…but let’s face it, they kind of have to. 😉

If you are going to watch the marathon, please let me know in the comments and where you will be so I can keep an eye out for you! I will be wearing that kinda ugly shirt you see in the last photo.

Thanks again to everyone who has already donated!!! It means more than you know!!!


{here’s the LINK again!!! I promised I wouldn’t raise my goal again, but if I could get to $13,100 that would be amazing!!!!}

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